Changing engine mount bushings

31 May 2024 04:30 #7 by Mike Then
Replied by Mike Then on topic Changing engine mount bushings
     I have done this a few times with my M10, and frankly I put this in the PITA category.  I did not find it as easy as the write up on the ERCOUPE info/repair site implies.  Not that the process is difficult, but there is much "persuading" you need to do to get the bolts out and expose/remove the bushings.  Good you have a hoist; you will find that helpful.  Once you loosen and remove a bolt, you can remove those bushings closest to the engine mount.  I loosen all the bolts, but only remove the upper bolts or the lower bolts at one time.  I do not think there is a danger of misaligning your engine. 

    You will find how much give and bending your engine mount provides; it is pretty amazing.  The first time I did this, I thought maybe there is something wrong with my engine mount.  Some time later and for a differ reason, I replaced the mount with a used one from Vernon.  I had the same experience replacing the bushings with the new-to-me engine mount.

     I don't like to knock products on forums like this, but I do not like Superior bushings.  They are too soft and don't last.  I love Superior products, and typically it is my go to company for aftermarket Continental parts, but not for these engine mount bushings (for me).  I like the ones Fresno offers; they last longer.  YMMV!


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29 May 2024 02:02 #8 by Martin Gibbs
Changing engine mount bushings was created by Martin Gibbs
If any of you have done this before,
I am looking for any advice, tips or cautions before I change out the engine mount bushings on my C90-16F equipped Alon.
I have had a good look at the information on the Ercoupe info/repair site. Looks pretty easy. I have the engine hoist and torque wrench.
The BIG question I have is the rear bushings that are up against the engine mount frame. How much wiggling or moving of the engine itself is required to first get the old bushings out, then get the new ones in. The info/repair pages say not to remove all the bolts at once. Makes sense, but doesn't create any wiggle room. Would removing just the nut from each bolt help.
Also, is there any danger of the engine not being  aligned properly once it is all done.
Thanks in advance for your help. I will have my AME helping with this but thought I would get some advice from experienced people before we start..

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