Trim System for Alon A2A

07 Jul 2024 21:47 #1 by Keith Whitcomb
Replied by Keith Whitcomb on topic Trim System for Alon A2A
I have an Alon so I know what the other end, the elevator trim end, looks like.

My understanding was the proper adjustment was with the trim end disconnected, adjust the trim knob all the way full up. Then physically move the elevator trim tab to the full up position and secure the wire and the trim tab together.

I had to adjust this length a little less up, at the trim tab end to make it right for my Alon.

II wouldn’t want to replace the wire unless I absolutely had to.

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06 Jul 2024 17:49 - 06 Jul 2024 17:53 #2 by John Jones
Replied by John Jones on topic Trim System for Alon A2A
The Alon parts manual lists the cable as:  "130-032 CONTROL CABLE Trim tab (Arens)"   I suspect the A2A would use the same part.  Good luck.  John

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05 Jul 2024 10:05 #3 by Robert Tompkins
Trim System for Alon A2A was created by Robert Tompkins
Dear All,

My trim system for my Alon A2A has had problems recently. While on a flight to Scotland, the wire came undone from the trim "wheel" in the cockpit. It was extremely difficult to put it back in. It resulted in taking out the wire, oiling it and feeding it back through the metal channel. Due to the twists and turns (plus wear and tear) it was extremely difficult to do. Ultimately, with the help of an US A&P, we got it back in. It did not work properly (too much nose up) and I traveled to Berlin to ask Hartmut for help. Again, we had a devil of a time getting the wire out and back in. The mechanic in Scotland suggested that I contact McFarlane Aviation products in Baldwin City, Kansas for both a new wire and a new housing. The mechanic suggested a housing tube with teflon that would reduce the binding and frictions. My question is: what exactly should I order from McFarlane.

Hartmut previously wrote me that for his Ercoupe:The wire is a 0.065 inch straight wire, the outer shell (sheath?) is 0.195 inch. The sheath needs to pass a few clamps and holes, so it would be good to have something similar.The length needed I can only estimate – the Ercoupe is 20 ft long over all. So my Guess is that 20 ft will be ok, make it a bit more maybe 23 – and it will be plenty of cable to deal with.

Is there some documentation on the trim system for the Alon A2A? Can you please provide a link? Has anyone else solved the problem of replacing the trim wire and outer sheath? I plan to go to the US in a couple of weeks and would like to pick up the parts while I am at Oshkosh (or have the parts mailed to my US address). So, I would appreciate a quick response to start ordering things.

Many thanks
Robert Tompkins


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