Seat 415C

01 Jun 2022 21:17 - 01 Jun 2022 21:19 #7 by Warren Hampton
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Ron, you are looking for a Seat pan. it sits on the front Spar and attach to the back with 3 pins like the side cowl do to the top cowl. your pic of the back seat frame looks stock so look for the pin loops at the bottom of it. If the loops are there order a pan and pins from Vern at Skyport. .You may need the cushs too. Now look to see if the back has boot type open lace type hooks running up and down on both sides of the back frame for lacing the cush back they may be there now. Just thought I have an extra pan I will go over to storage and get a pic of it.  Warren -760-224-2065 Call me
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31 May 2022 20:47 #8 by Ron Holmes
Seat 415C was created by Ron Holmes
Looking for help with the seat configuration.  My Coupe has had the seat changed at least twice in its history.  It was converted to bucket seats in 1978 and back again to a bench at an unknown date.  Currently it has a flat pad sitting on a flat bench with Velcro to secure it.  When I bought the airplane it came with an upholstery kit from Airtex and the bench seat is not like the current seat.  I have attached a picture of the current seat and a drawing from 1975 for the modifying to bucket seats. I am going to change the window welt and the side windows this month and wanted to do it all at one time. Replace the old interionr with new interior and new windows.

So if anyone has any good info to pass on, I would surely appreciate it.

Thanks, Ron

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