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13 Sep 2022 23:51 #7 by RP J
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Hi, I purchased an ercoupe a few days ago in San Diego. I have a few questions and this seems like the best place to ask. 

1.) The side window is cracked at the top. I will order a replacement through univair, unless someone knows of a quality more modern material in which case I will go the fabrication route. The two brackets are riveted to the window and the rivets look different sizes... Is there a rivet kit available, or does anyone know what type of rivets should be used? 

2.) I am finding out about the hatred towards these planes. The CFI's I talked to will not go near it because it lacks rudder pedals. I am a student pilot and trying to find someone willing to teach in the ercoupe. The AI actually said he would give me some lessons but he is currently out because of health reasons. 

3.) Since I am a student I also need to get the plane from San Diego to San 
Francisco area. Anyone here want to fly the plane up to San Francisco? If so, lets talk. 

4.) Most importantly, the plane went through an annual in May 2022. I know by the records and by talking to the IA(same IA who is going to give me a lesson or two) that the wing corrosion was not checked with a borescope. Rather, ACH-50 was sprayed in there and potential corrosion was viewed from the holes under the wings. Is this adequate? From what I have read the inner spar should(maybe its not a legal requirement?) be checked and this can only be done with a borescope or by disassembling the wing??? Is there a write up on this that an owner can understand. A visual example of where to go and what to look for would be helpful. 

Thanks for the help and happy to be a part of this esoteric community! 

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