F and M oil filter adapter

20 Mar 2023 23:59 #7 by Edward Moore
Replied by Edward Moore on topic F and M oil filter adapter
Are you an A&P/IA? Do you have the disc records from OK City - mandatory for what you are trying to do!!
Typically, the adapter would require 2 337s, one for airframe and another for the engine, however, the FAA revised the engine STC and stated that the STC approval for the airframe should now be considered to be a "minor" change and only require a log book entry for the airframe.
I did the mod several years ago - I can dig it out and ,if ok, call you to discuss.
I'm older than dirt and a very, very slow key puncher! I checked your membership so have phone #, I lived in Titusville as one of the "rocket guys" on the Atlas ICBM, Mercury, Apollo and Skylab programs..

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20 Mar 2023 11:51 #8 by David Gilson
F and M oil filter adapter was created by David Gilson
Hey guys, I'm trying to recreate paperwork for my recently bought 415C. I'm finding a bunch of previously installed stc'd products and pma'd products installed but no 337's or logbook entries to support them. I've had some luck so far but the original f and m adapter is no longer available and tempest can't provide documentation for the adapter because it was not on their watch. Does anybody have the documentation available so I can at least I put it into the logs for the airplane? I can clean up the rest with a 337. As best I can gather it would have been stc SE75625W.

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