Rudders and crosswinds

25 Jul 2022 01:55 #1 by Edward Moore
Replied by Edward Moore on topic Rudders and crosswinds
Do you have conventional gear experience? I have rudder pedals but essentially ignore them. Also, the rudder pedals can easily be removed, no major changes, just re connecting cabling back to the control mast, etc. behind the seat, with 337 stating removal and reconfiguring to OEM

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24 Jul 2022 10:47 #2 by Larry Snyder
Replied by Larry Snyder on topic Rudders and crosswinds
I've only flown Ercoupe without rudder pedals, but it's clear to me that the presence of separate rudder controls would make no difference in the geometry of how the plane lands. Everyone knows that the rudders on an Ercoupe are small and have limited effectiveness. I suppose you can use them in a mild crosswind to land straight on the centerline, but it wouldn't take much of a crosswind to exceed that. Since it's the exact same airplane with or without rudder pedals, landing in a crab should work either way. I do not believe there is a published maximum crosswind component anywhere out there, at least from the manufacturer. I've alway said the amount of crosswind you can land an Ercoupe in is directly proportional to the size of your cajones....

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20 Jul 2022 12:38 #3 by Alex Gilson
Rudders and crosswinds was created by Alex Gilson
I've seen it written a few times that rudder pedals reduce the maximum allowable crosswind component of an ercoupe (and here I'm thinking about a 415C with rudder pedal STC). It would seem to me that the aerodynamics of a crosswind are identical with or without coupled controls, and the rudder pedals don't change the fact of the trailing linkage that allows for landing in a crab - not that you should have to, with independent rudder control.

So I can't figure out why such a reduction would occur. Can you guys shed some light on that? And is it documented?


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