FAIRLEAD adjustment - ACCESS to tail and suggestions

25 May 2023 07:39 #1 by Andre Fodor
I need to adjust the FAIRLEAD bar on my Ercoupe. 

Anyone can share how to gain access to the tail section?  Did you place a 2x4 or plank between the ribs?  Did you brace the tail so it would not tip down?

As to the adjustment, it seems that I just need to move the fairlead forward towards the nose to re-adjust its position vertically and this should self twist the cables back into the proper position. 

Since I am there, I also plan to measure the cable tension. 

Any suggestions, sharing previous experience, etc would be greatly appreciated. 

A phone call would also be greatly appreciated if writing is too long to share experience. 

407-443-5099. Andre. (N588BJ @ KORL)


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