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16 Dec 2023 14:25 #7 by Larry Snyder
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Hey, Nathan,

I have the Claw for use in grass. It is probably one of the more secure systems, but it is heavy. A lot of people replace the steel spikes with aluminum spikes to save weight, but I know I've been to places where an aluminum spike would not work. There are plans out there for making your own Claw-like tie downs.

I do not use rope. I bought a set of straps with the sliding latch (as opposed to the ratcheting kind). DO NOT use the hooks that come on the straps. They are open and if the wind make your plane bounce around there's a good chance the hooks will fall out the rings. I took my straps and removed the hooks with a Dremel, then bought the hooks that look like carabiners, so that they cannot fall out of the rings. You can use these straps with any airport's tie down system and with the Claw. They are quick, easy and effective.

Maybe someday you can try the straps out at 7M2! I'll take you to lunch!

Larry N99340

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16 Dec 2023 13:10 #8 by Nathan Bissonette
Tie Down recommendation was created by Nathan Bissonette
Looking for recommendations for a tie-down system for 415-C to use at airports when traveling (permanent rings in the ground) and also for airshows (parking in the grass).   Could be separate systems, internet research is bewildering.

Care to share your experience using Slidedown, Tie-down, The Claw, Abe's, the EAA product, any others? 

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