Total Time on Aircraft

06 Aug 2019 14:15 #1 by Matt Gunsch
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As long as it has been taken care of, airframe time should not be a factor.I am QA for one of the largest flight schools and I have a number of airframes with 18-22,000 hours that have been trainers since day one. There other things I would look at, but then I would also be looking at them since it is a 70 yr old airframe, things such as bushings, rod ends, hinges. On my own plane I do up keep as projects, I try to do one a month, such as a LT aileron hinges and rod ends.

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23 Jul 2019 05:24 #2 by Ken Medlin
Total Time on Aircraft was created by Ken Medlin
I am looking to buy a Coupe. Am I to be concerned with TT of aircraft? I found one near me that looks very good. I have not had a mechanic look at it yet but has almost 4000 hours TT. Does this matter? Would I potentially be looking at expensive maintenance issues with air frame? Thanks

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