Cowl holders

15 Nov 2019 23:09 - 18 Nov 2019 15:47 #1 by Larry Seigler
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I use a large plastic clamp with a vise grip squeeze lock mechanism across the cowl hinge when the side cowl is fully opened back across the top cowl. Squeeze the clamp lightly only enough to lock the clamp jaws against the inside surfaces of the cowl. I usually place the clamp about 4-6 inches forward of the firewall so the area near the dipstick and gascollator is unobstructed. These clamps are available from Home Depot, Lowe’s and Harbor Freight for $2-3 each. I will try to get pix of these tomorrow to post on the EOA Facebook site. The previous owner, Tom Murrell, provided mine.
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15 Nov 2019 22:10 #2 by Lawson Laslo
Cowl holders was created by Lawson Laslo
Any of you have any diy cowling support holder so when your working on engine?
Would like a permanent one
We made one out of a long piece of wood but would like to make a better solution
Has anyone made one?

Lawson Laslo
Oklahoma city

1946 Ercoupe
O-200 100hp
"War Bug"

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