C85 pull starter adjustment

14 Jun 2020 18:41 #1 by Ken Nicholls
C85 pull starter adjustment was created by Ken Nicholls
I need help understanding the adjustment on the shift lever on the starter which engages the starter button [power] and the
bendix or gear assembly. The shift lever is a bit worn and the shoulder bolt threads are not in great shape . I will check with
Vern Gregory for parts. What happens is about 1 out of 8 times when trying to start engine nothing happens it appears that the gears fail to mesh for when you move the prop a bit and try again it will crank over.I think it is in that adjustment. as to which takes place first the power energizes
the starter and then the shift lever engages the gear or the opposite does any know how this operates? does any one know where you can get said bolt
new or the lever. Did not find it at spruce, continental or Univair will try Vern tomorrow any info would be appreciated

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