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21 Nov 2015 20:53 #1 by Bud Bornemann
Replied by Bud Bornemann on topic Revamp panel
Thanks. One of the things on my list to check.

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21 Nov 2015 18:00 #2 by Larry Snyder
Replied by Larry Snyder on topic Revamp panel
Check the clearance from the back of the panel to the cowl tank. Some things won't fit there.


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21 Nov 2015 17:43 #3 by Bud Bornemann
Revamp panel was created by Bud Bornemann
Plan on ordering new interior from Airtex this coming week. The next project, hopefully to be completed this winter involves the instrument panel.
My panel has been added to over the years and for me is inconvenient and sometimes confusing. On the bottom of the panel on the right side
are a King nav-com with Omni head with only the nav side working. Below that is a King com that works fine. Next to these is the intercom. On the left side bottom of panel is the Transponder. The center bottom of the panel is the Omni head and a confusing switch panel for the radios. The rest of the electrical switches are scattered about the panel.
All very difficult to operate wile flying. To change the frequencies on the operating com radio is difficult for me to see because of the distance and the angle from the pilots seat. The area where the left side glove box was is a very large artificial horizon. On the right side where the glove box was is a blank aluminum sheet screwed to the panel.
My plan and where I need help and advice, is to remove the nav-com and Omni head as I probably can do without the Omni and the other side doesn't work anyway, and I could use the weight gain. Then move the operating and good com radio and the transponder up to the area of the panel where there was at one time the glove box. My feeling is that with them both at reasonable eye height they will be much easier to see and use. I would then like to move the intercom to the center bottom of the panel and create a new electrical switch panel possiably in the center lower portion of the panel.
Please respond, is this a good idea or am I nuts. Or perhaps other ideas
thanks for reading and responding Bud Bornemann

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