WTB: 46 Ercoupe

02 Apr 2021 23:36 #1 by Todd Alexander
Replied by Todd Alexander on topic WTB: 46 Ercoupe
Hi - yes I’m interested - can you send me photos and we can talk via email/phone.


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02 Apr 2021 23:25 #2 by Ronald Raty
Replied by Ronald Raty on topic WTB: 46 Ercoupe
hi Todd.    I have a 1946 415C currently located at KPWT Bremerton, WA.   I have a second that is almost airworthy, and I don't need 2 Ercoupes.  I bought N93838 from an A&P that was rebuilding it, but because of health issues, he didn't finish it.  I finished putting it back together (only took a few weekends), got it annualed, and have been flying it for the past year.   The A&P had the engine C85 case sent out and rebuilt, and he put on 4 new Millenium cylinders.   I have been breaking it in since I got it flying, the engine has about 20 hours.   Other features:  engine analyzer, tailbeacon ADSB out, wingtip strobes, landing lights, dual fork nose gear, bubble windshield, metal wings.

I will get some photos and more info if you or anyone else is interested.

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01 Apr 2021 17:45 #3 by Todd Alexander
WTB: 46 Ercoupe was created by Todd Alexander
Hi all -- I'm on the lookout for a 1946 Ercoupe. Open to other years on a case by case basis, depending.
I am in the pacific northwest - specifically northeastern Oregon. So, ideally planes from ID, MT, WA, OR, NV, CA would be up for most serious consideration. 

Just looking for something that has been well-maintained, full maintenance records, all AD compliance, no corrosion, no problems, in current annual, and no high time engines. Would want a pre-buy inspection, and if the plane can be delivered to me, even better.

If you know of one available in my general region, please ping me with relevant information. I am not in a rush. Thank you.

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