Looking for a LSA Qualified Ercoupe near Idaho / Utah

16 Apr 2021 15:43 #1 by Jeffery Francom
Hey All,
I live in south-eastern Idaho and I am looking for an Ercoupe that would fall under the LSA qualifications (so basically a 415-c or cd). 

I am just starting on my Certificate, but I am hoping I can go with the Sport license. If not, there are a few amazing Ercoupes out there that I would love to own!  But I really prefer to go LSA if possible.

I don't mind traveling a little, but if I find something too far from here (KMLD) I start running into issues of how to ever get it home! (Remember - I don't have my PP or Sport Certificate yet.)

My lender is trying to talk me into something else... He says go with something with a Lycoming... a little 150 or Grumman or something. Those are a valid options, but would require the Private Pilot Certificate. And really, wouldn't be as fun as a 'Coupe!

Let me know if you know of anything.
All the Best,

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