Goodyear Nose wheel assembly 9532962 parts

13 Dec 2022 23:11 #13 by Warren Hampton
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You are right that parts are hard to find. however, Cleveland used part are also hard to come by. Looking at your pics, I think you would find that your bearing assembly's maybe different also. Aircraft bearing are costly. In your pics the bearing race is very close to the edge, where the other retainer cap sticks out a little yours would not hold. The seal itself is a felt and usually a flat Thin retainer. The axel is 1 1/4"+ and the outside is 2 3/8" bearing Timken #08125 race #08231 NAPA can get both but still $$$$

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11 Dec 2022 02:24 #14 by Martin Gibbs
Goodyear Nose wheel assembly 9532962 parts was created by Martin Gibbs
Hello All;
I am a new owner of a 1966 Alon A2. C-FVCH.  Although the aircraft is in fairly good shape for her age, I am taking the opportunity to renew, refurbish and replace many of the components to bring her up to a modern standard. Hopefully keep her in the air for another 56 years.
I am fortunate to have a sister ship in the hangar next door that I can compare my aircraft with. Which leads to my first (of many) posts as I progress through my journey.
While servicing the nose wheel of my aircraft I noticed that I may be missing grease seals on both sides. I had a look at my  friend's aircraft and saw he had a different set up. See attached photos.
We both have Goodyear wheel assemblies 9532926.
I thought it would be a simple exercise to find parts for this particular nose wheel, but not so. I searched the Univair site but was only able to find the nose wheel assembly itself but no parts. Plenty of parts and references to a similar Cleveland wheel though. I also searched the Mooney M10 parts manual but the nose wheel there is of the Cleveland type. I don't have a dedicated parts manual for the Alon A2  and am unable to find one, so no luck there. Next I searched the McFarlane site and Aircraft Spruce. Still no luck.
My question, Does anyone have any information or part numbers for this Goodyear wheel. Bearings, races, grease seals etc. Or, can anyone identify the part (and part number) that is missing in the photo of my nose wheel compared to the photo of my friend's nose wheel.
Thanks everyone. I look forward to learning more from you all.


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